We know the Esperanto Community is strong and has never stopped dreaming, but, despite all the different ways in which our community has promoted our ideals, the truth is that we have always neglected sports, in general. Fortunately, this has now came to an end, since last year a group of esperantists and football passionates created, with the UEA approval (The Universal Association of Esperanto), the first esperanto football team: The Esperanto Teamo!!!


And yes, let’s be honest, what is better than football, the universal sport, to promote the universal language, Esperanto?

The Esperanto Football Team has already played one game last year in Buenos Aires during the last Universala Kongreso, and now we have been admited in the NF Board (Nouvelle Federation Board). This is great news because NF is an strong and independent football organization which comprises over 50 national teams around the world (Kurdistan, Zanzíbar, Monaco, Occitania, Padania, etc.). This big step will allow us to organize matches against different communities around the world, easier and within the net of an international and well respected organization.

Furthermore, this isn’t all, since our first official match has already been confirmed! This wonderful event is going to take place during the 100th Universal Congress in Lille, France, against our friends from Western Sahara. Besides all that, we have the NF Board consent to organize, from this year, an annual international tournament called The Zamenhof Cup!!!


Nevertheless, to make all of this possible, we need your help! TEFA (the organization that runs the Esperanto Football) still needs resources to make all this happen, and to make it happen in the best way possible. We need your aid, money to organize a competitive squad and to get the facilities to train as hard as possible so we can all be proud of our team.

In order to achieve these goals is that we have started a crowdfunding project (written in esperanto, of course), where, depending on the amount you are willing to donate, you will receive all different kinds of rewards. Please, support us and receive one of this unique esperanto football memorabilia! You won’t get it elsewhere and most likely you won’t get them later…

These are the available amounts you can donate and their respective rewards:

  • (8 USD) A lottery ticket which will allow you to participate in a raffle for one of the 5 Limited Edition Esperanto T-Shirts with the name LILLO and the number 100, in golden letters, in the back. To purchase one CLICK HERE 


  • (10 USD) An exclusive Founder Member Card of TEFA (Tutmonda Esperanto Futbalo Asocio). It will have your name printed on it so you can show you’ve supported the team from day one. After your payment is done, write us to tefa.esperanto@gmail.com with the subject MEMBROKARTO. To purchase one CLICK HEREcarnets
  • (50 USD) If you donate this amount you’ll receive the official Esperanto Futbalo T-shirt. If you are a true supporter or a football collector you surely need to have it. To purchase one CLICK HERE
  • (90 USD) With this donation you will receive the official tshirt of the Esperanto Teamo but with your name and favourite number on the back! . To purchase CLICK HERE
  • (90 USD) With this option you can get 2 official football tshirts but instead of paying 100 dollars , you pay 90. So you can have one for yourself and one to share with a friend, a relative or maybe your beloved one. To make this donation CLICK HERE.
  • (200 USD) Ok, this is for those people, like yourself, who desires to leave his/her mark on the esperanto t-shirt during the match with Western Sahara. Yes, your mark, literally, because with this money we will print your name on a player t-shirt choosen by you. So you will be able to read, in one of the t-shirts that will take place during the official match, “(your name) supports me” or just your name. After purchase, please write us to tefa.esperanto@gmail.com with the subject “ME ON THE ESPERANTO MATCH”. To make this donations please CLICK HERE
  • (600 USD) It’s basically the same idea but we will print your name or message of support not only in one tshirt but in all of them! To purchase this option CLICK HERE
  • (1,000 USD) Sponsor the team! With this amount of money we will print the name of your company or organization in the back of the t-shirt, just above the number of every of the 18 t-shirts we will present in the match. To make this donation please CLICK HERE.

These are the available t-shirt sizes:

XS = Children

S =  1,56 – 1,67cm (64 kg. approx.)
5´10´´ – 5´48´´ (140 lb approx.)

M = 1,67 – 175 cm (72 kg. approx.)
5´48´´ – 5´74´´ (158 lb approx.)

L = 1,75 – 1,80 cm (78 kg. approx.)
5´74´´ – 5´90´´ (172 lb approx.)

XL = 1,80 – 1,85 cm (84 kg. approx.)
5´90´´ – 6´07´´ (185 lb approx.)

XXL = 1,85 or more 91 kg. or more
6´07´´ or more (200 or more)

In case you wonder why we need money for… well, we need money for:

  • The organization and coordination of the events (it’s not always easy to guarantee a football field, and transportation, and accomodation of the opposite team. We could arrange it, relatively cheap this time, but we know it won’t be easy in future occasions)
  • Plane and train tickets for the trainers and players who supported the team from the beggining, and who are indispensable to complete a competitive squad, but can’t afford the whole tickets. Fortunately, some players and coaches already has payed their tickets to be in Lille in July, but not everyone can do this. Some can pay just half of the tickets, some just a small part, etc.
  • Training items (Balls, cones, whistles, etc)
  • Three football judges services (this is requested in order to make the match official)
  • Sport clothes for the players

    For your relief, let us tell you that, by the end of the year, a formal balance is going to be presented by TEFA which will describe, in detail, how the money we collected was spent .

Needless to say that not even one euro or dollar we collect is going to end in a someone’s wallet. Every penny we collect will only be used to develop TEFA activities and the balance we’ll present is going to show HOW money was spent.

If you have any questions, doubts or general commentaries, please contact us at tefa.esperanto@gmail.com

Warmly, we thank you in advance for your support.

The TEFA team.